• The request for availability is not binding and does not act as a contract neither for the client nor for Hotel Bella’mbriana.
  • The reservation request represents an order form and therefore binding for the client but not binding for Hotel Bella’mbriana, which party considers itself free to not accept the booking.
  • The booking confirmation that Hotel Bella’mbriana sends to the customer is binding on both parties and establishes the booking contract with option.
  • In the event that a deposit is requested or credit card details, the client must send these within the indicated time period to the Hotel Bella’mbriana management so that the option is cleared and the booking is definitely confirmed. At which point Hotel Bella’mbriana promises to send the client a confirmation e-mail.

All reservations must be reconfirmed by fax or e-mail accepting the cancellation conditions.

The contract is subject to the following conditions resulting from the free negotiation between the parties and which are summarized below for greater convenience:

1. Right of withdrawal without penalty
The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract up to 40 days before the scheduled arrival date, without paying any penalty. The Structure must return the deposit received. The withdrawal must be communicated by fax or e-mail within this deadline.

2. Failure of the customer
In the event that the withdrawal is communicated to the Structure after the deadline referred to in point 2 and up to 20 days before the scheduled date of arrival, the Structure is entitled to retain the deposit that can be reused in a future reservation within the year in case the room is re-rented; up to 7 days before the date of arrival, the property is entitled to payment of 30% of the amount agreed for the entire stay, subject to greater damage. In case of withdrawal communicated more than 7 days before the scheduled date of arrival, or in case of no-show, the structure is entitled to payment of the 70% agreed for the entire stay, subject to greater damage. In case of early departure, the property is entitled to payment of the amount agreed for the entire stay, subject to greater damage.

3. Failure of the Structure
In the case of impossibility to provide confirmed accommodation services, the Structure must return double the deposit received, without prejudice to the greater damage, if the client does not accept to be relocated to a neighboring Accommodation structure of the same or higher category. In the case of relocation, the costs of transferring to another structure and any difference in price of the same are charged to the structure that is not able to provide the confirmed services.

4. Arrival and departure time
The room is made available to the customer from 2.00 pm on the day of arrival, and must be vacated by the client no later than 11.00 for the rooms on the day of departure. If room availability is requested before the scheduled time on the day of arrival or after the scheduled time on the day of departure, the property may request an additional payment.

5. Reconciliation
Any dispute concerning this contract or related to it – including those relating to its interpretation, validity, execution, and resolution – will be submitted to conciliation in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Articles of Association – Rules of the Arbitration and Conciliation Chamber of Grosseto. The conciliation will be conducted by an independent conciliator appointed in accordance with the aforementioned Articles of Association. The parties undertake to resort to conciliation before commencing any judicial or arbitral proceedings, regardless of the value of the dispute.

Although not expressly agreed, this contract is regulated by the provisions of the Civil Code on contracts in general.

For any dispute arising in relation to the interpretation, execution and / or termination of the reservation contracts to which the present conditions in which it is a part of the Hotel Bella’mbriana are applied, the Court of Grosseto will be exclusively competent.