Wellness area

The SPA is open to everyone, even for those who do not stay at the hotel, but reservations are required.


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Water and relaxation

Our wellness center is directly accessible from inside the hotel, offering you unforgettable moments of absolute tranquility and harmony. Immersed in a magical multi-sensory environment, characterized by natural materials, oriental perfumes, candles and music you will live pleasant and relaxing experiences that will restore balance and vigor to the body stressed by the rhythms of modern life.

NOTE. Unfortunately for structural reasons it was not possible to make the center accessible to the disabled and we apologize for this, since it is the only non-accessible part of our structure.

Play Shower

Right at the entrance to the hot area of ​​our center, you will receive a shower with hot water spray from above and cold water at the ankles, all on a stone floor, which their uneven surface exert a foot massage action.


The Tepidarium (temperature between 35°C and 38°C) is used to accustom the body to the higher temperatures that characterize other treatments. In this environment the body begins to expel toxins and strengthen the immune system.

Source of salt

A small corner where, comfortably seated on the white bench, you can draw on the stone bowl containing activated sea salts and sprinkle rubbing the body: the salt will release its beneficial effects as well as producing a strong peeling effect.

Turkish bath

The Turkish bath or aromatic calidarium (temperature of 45°/60°C) is a purifying steam bath that, even with the help of aromas and lights inside the cabin, relaxes and tones the body enveloping you in a feeling of total pleasure and preparing the skin for possible treatments. How the sauna promotes the loss of excess weight.


In the infrared sauna the thermal energy heats the body of the user in a constant and uniform manner and in the absence of humidity, this allows to obtain a superior efficacy, compared to the traditional saunas also known as finnish, with a temperature of only 45°/50°C, well tolerated by anyone.

The effects of this modern type of sauna, similar to a “sun bath” (without of course the harmful effects of U.V rays!), are demonstrated by medical studies:

  • Relieves pain and symptoms of cervical arthritis
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Burn excess calories
  • It has a strong detoxifying action
  • Improves cardiac circulation
  • Reduces cholesterol-triglycerides- blood pressure
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Purifies the skin
  • Cellulite fights
  • and a thousand other things still …

Emotional shower

Two different jets for intensity, aroma and color to refresh and firm the skin after the temperatures of the cabins, or simply to experience the pleasure of water on the skin.

Maracuya nebulization that refreshes the skin after the heat of a sauna or a Turkish bath.
Amazonian populations use maracuya as a heart tonic.

Chromotherapy to take a light shower.

Relaxation area

Our relaxation room, cozy, comfortable, quiet, is equipped with chromotherapy, music therapy and exclusive chaises longues where you can conclude your wellness path sipping a hot tea of ​​your choice and enjoy the last moments of relaxation.

SPA Price List

  • € 35.00 – RELAX MASSAGE TOTAL BODY (25′)
  • € 60.00 – RELAX MASSAGE TOTAL BODY (50′)
  • € 60.00 – ANTISTRESS MASSAGE (50′)
  • € 70.00 – CHOCOLATE MASSAGE (50′)
  • € 40.00 – NO GRAVITY MASSAGE FACE (30′)
    A sweet and warm flow of aromatic oil to release tension and give total relaxation to the whole body.
  • € 25.00 – PLANTAR MASSAGE (20′)
  • € 35.00 – LOCALIZED MASSAGE (20′)
    Targeted action depending on the area to be treated (legs, back, feet, neck …)
  • € 110.00 – COUPLE MASSAGE (50′)
  • € 7.00 – RENTAL KIT SPA (Bathrobe, face cloth, slippers)

Packages and extras

APERITIVE IN SPA x2 € 15.00 per couple
From 18:00 to 20:00. Two flûtes of prosecco, fresh fruit and pretzels.

SPA FOR TWO € 15.00 each
From 20:00 to 21:00 exclusive use of the SPA path to enjoy an hour of relaxation with the sweet half.

Excluding possible extra drinks, the bathrobe, towel and slippers (€ 7.00 per person per day and optional) and wellness treatments inside the SPA are to be considered.